The Brewery: DJ Enko

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All round DJ – adapts to all kinds of crowds with a nicely mixed blend of different types of music!

The Brewery: Cultivar

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Cultivar is a name with a certain origin, it stands for Cultivated and Variety.

This variety refers to us as a person, we are all different and this makes us a strong and good group. It also refers to the kind of styles that we love. We’re not holding on to one specific style. We like to blend all different stles in our set, to keep things interesting!

The Brewery: Deejay Lanka

Sir Lanka is an upcoming international DJ who has played all over Europe: in Pacha (Ibiza), Club Malaysia (France), Bataplan Disco (Spain) and Iceberg CHP (Bulgaria). Eventhough his ambitions are international, his roots can be traced back to Ghent. Ever since his first DJ gig he has made a name for himself playing regularly at famous locations like Culture Club, Patjelli, Viking Ghent, L’├ętage and Vooruit. He is also a resident at Klub XIII, functioning as the focal point for the weekly Klub Knights.

The Brewery: Jean S

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Music expresses that wich cannot be put into words and that wich cannot be remain silent.
In 2010, Jean S. became a resident DJ at ‘Lime Club Ghent’, located in the Overpoortstraat. This club is known as a club with class where you’ve got to be able to handle every kind of music as a DJ. Thanks to the Lime Club and the friendship between Jan and the proprietors, he got the chance to break through at a different level.

Nowadays, Jean S is proud to be the Resident DJ at the following clubs:- Klub XIII- ROXY antwerp – Patjelli – Viking Ghent – Kitsch Club